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Location:San Francisco, CA
First posted:April 07, 2017

About Us

Tripod is a brand new photo and video platform that provides uploads, serving, caching, image manipulation, computer vision, search, etc. for other teams at Yahoo.  We were originally formed around 2015 from the Flickr backend team, but have since become an different and distinct organizational entity.  The best way to think of the project is to imagine rebuilding the Flickr backend architecture from scratch in a generalizable way with a robust and extensible Swagger-defined API built on modern architectural constructs.  Mobile SDK development is the primary Tripod client product and therefore a crucial component.  We need an airtight SDK that is robust, fully-tested, and beautiful in its simplicity.  We need you to help us build it and we want you to help us imagine what else we can do with it.  Help us reimagine the future of mobile SDK clients and push the limits of what can be done.  Tripod is an exciting project building some really incredible new toys for Yahoo and we want YOU to help us build it!  For more detail on what makes Tripod tick check out the article our senior architect, Peter Welch, wrote recently:

(please use the apply button below) application details)46/introducing-tripod-flickrs-backend-refactored

In addition to being passionate about our product, we're also passionate about diversity!  LGBT engineers, women engineers, and engineers of any race, creed, or background are warmly welcome and strongly encouraged to apply!  Also, people with an interest in photography or digital media strongly encouraged to apply!

About You

We're looking for Android developers with a wide range of experience from interns and recent college graduates to senior-level leads.  These are the qualifications we're looking for in an *ideal* candidate.  If you meet most of these then you're probably good:

  • Must be solidly familiar with Java and must be able to create a new Android project from scratch

  • Strong familiarity with Android multithreaded concepts - How do you run code on a background thread?  Why would you run code on a background thread?  Write code to run code on a background thread... etc.

  • Write beautiful and highly organized Java code - MVC much?  Separation of concerns.

  • Must know how to test an Android SDK and be all like "Yay testing!".

  • Must be able to competently describe how to craft a clean, easy, and obvious SDK API

Range of experience

  • Bright Beginner: <1 year professional experience or still in college.  You're looking for your first big break or maybe even an internship while you finish up college.  You should have some class projects and personal projects under your belt, but it's okay if you're not an expert in anything.  You should, however, be impeccable in your core computer science topics: data structures, multithreading, algorithms.  You're open to new ideas, take direction well, and above all you're really excited to learn everything you can about mobile development.  At this stage we're looking for passion and energy and some solid fundamentals upon which we will help you build your career.

  • Skilled Apprentice: <2 years working as a dedicated mobile Android developer.  You're not a n00b, but you're quickly learning your craft.  You're open to new ideas, take direction well, and above all you're really excited to learn everything you can about mobile development.  At this stage we're looking for passion and energy and some solid fundamentals upon which we will help you build your career.  You don't have to have all the experience listed above, but should definitely be a strong Java coder and definitely have a solid understanding of multithreading.

  • Practiced Journeyman: >2 years and <5 years working as a dedicated mobile Android developer.  You will impress us with the breadth of your knowledge, but might be limited in the depth.  You know all about threading, but maybe not exactly what's going on under the hood of your favorite frameworks.  You might have a little leadership experience, maybe you've even wrote an SDK yourself.  You won't necessarily OWN the SDK, but you will be expected to contribute greatly to it.  You should fulfill pretty much all the qualifications above if even to a limited degree.  You should be opinionated on technical topics and be able to discuss in a friendly and supportive way the choices and compromises that go into engineering, mobile development, SDK development, and API design.

  • Skilled Craftsman: >5 years working as a dedicated mobile Android developer hopefully with some solid lead experience.  At this point you've kind of seen it all and maybe you're looking for a new challenge or the next step in your career.  Tripod is going to be looking to you for guidance and leadership.  You will OWN the Tripod SDK.  We need you to mentor the young guys, establish best practices, and define the design patterns that will become the basis of the Tripod mobile Android architecture for many years to come.  This is the stuff that legends are built on and this is the stuff that we really have to get right the first time.  We need you to guide the team to build solid foundations that avoid the pitfalls of tech debt.  If you're at this stage then we hope you teach US something during the interview.  You should know all about SDK development and API design topics.  You should have informed and interesting opinions on all manner of technical topics.

In addition to the qualifications above, every candidate will need to have a Bachelor's degree (or better) in an applicable technical field or equivalent experience.  Also note that the years of experience above are very rough guidelines.  Some rock stars are born.  If you've only been working for a couple years, but you are KILLING IT, then we are very much interested in talking with you.  We're a results-oriented group.

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